Main Rules

Entry and predictions to be carried out via the Superbru website

£5 entry fee to be paid prior to the tournament starting

If you have any problems with entering Superbru predictions (this has happened in the past) let me know before the game telling me the problem and what your predictions are

Scoring system as per the Superbru website – see section below

Following the move to using Superbru – this page sets out the revised rules.

Scoring system

Scoring to be carried out as follows

The Superbru scoring system aims to reward different aspects of prediction with different types of points. You’ll see these represented all around the site as WP (Win Point), MP (Margin Point), BP (Bonus Point) and, in some tournaments, GSP (Grand Slam Point) and CP (Challenge Point).


Win Point (WP)

The meat and bread of Superbru. You’ll score a Win Point if you correctly predict the winner of a game (or a draw, where applicable), irrespective of margin. 


Margin Point (MP)

The Margin Point rewards accuracy in margin, and, in the case of soccer, correct score for either team (as long as you got the winner of the game right).



Bonus Point (BP)

The Bonus Point rewards the closest pick(s) in a given pool. To qualify, you must have got the winner of the match correct first. It applies inside each pool only and does not count globally. This means whilst you could score the BP in one pool, you might not in another where someone else has made a better pick than you.


Grand Slam Point (GSP)

The Grand Slam Point rewards getting all the winners in a given round of the tournament correct. It does not necessarily apply to all rounds.


For less than 25 entrants:

Winner – 60%
Second – 25%
Third – 15%


25 or more entrants

Winner – 50%
Second – 25%
Third – 15%
Fourth – 10%

With bigger prize funds there may also be the possibility of interim prizes for top predictions in the groups or knock-out stages. Any such decisions will be made once the field has been finalised and will be in the first few days of the tournament starting.