The whittling process continues with 16 becoming 8.

Wales 0 Denmark 4

Not sure what happened in this game – although on paper Denmark were apparently the most attacking team from the initial group stages in terms of shots. Wales never really got into their stride – perhaps the fact that a number of Wales players are not playing regularly caught up with them. 

Nobody in our pool got close to this score. 

Italy 2 Austria 1

Didn’t watch this one, but Austria put up some stiff opposition and took the Azurri to extra time. 

Pete Lee and Gemma Keane both bagged this correct score. 

Netherlands 0 Czechia 2

I like to think that this was a nice bit of karma – the Netherlands happily banning Wales fans from the game on Saturday but then piled into Budapest. It was all quite balanced until the correct decision to send off de Ligt.

Nor surprisingly no-one got this – in fact no-one predicted anything other than a Dutch win. Although, Czechs are looking good after only conceding two goals so far.

Belgium 1 Portugal 0

Belgium don’t look very good without de Bruyne and limped over the line with a 1-0 win. Portugal emptied the tank to get an equaliser but the reigning champions have bowed out at the last sixteen stage.

In line with the rest of the last sixteen matches to date, no-one picked up the exact score.

Croatia 3 Spain 5

We finally get some entertaining games – which are always nice when you have no skin in the game. Spain were plain sailing despite a gift to Croatia, then Croatia pulled it back to take it to extra time, but Spain could have scored more. They are still shoddy and will soon be asta la vista. 

Nobody picked this – I went for a boring 1-0 to Spain – how wrong an you be!

France 3  Switzerland 3 [Switzerland through on penalties]

France seem unable to play for more than a third of the game, which when it goes to extra time, means a quarter of the time. They were occasionally good, but Switzerland really deserved this win, especially after missing a penalty and a goal disallowed. The Group of Death really was – as they are all out.

In our pool – no-one saw anything but a France win – so nil point.


England 2 Germany 0

England finally bag more than one goal in a game and beat Germany in the process. Alot to be impressed by in this game, particularly the astonishing talent that Southgate refuses to play. Defence looks good – Kane still looks like he his aimlessly wandering around most of the time. Shame he scored as he will continue to be picked. 

In our pool, Katherine Kent and Gail Simmons got this spot on. 



Ukraine 2 Sweden 1

In the battle of blue and yellow, Ukraine continue to surpass their historic record and beat Sweden. Bit of a tough call on the red really, but Ukraine look good value offering real attacking threat. Should be an interesting challenge to England – good to see Sweden go out, they are about as entertaining as watching someone put together some Ikea flatpack furniture.

Fairplay to Jon Whitehouse the only person to go for Ukraine and is rewarded with getting it spot on – top darts.  

Pool Results

In the last 16, some surprise results have cut down the points being accumulated. The top scores in this round were Scott Griffith and Pete Lee with 6.5 points. In terms of the overall standings it is all change again:

  1. Nick Hughes – 51.0
  2. Pete Lee – 50.5
  3. Gavin Edwards – 50.0
  4. Rachel Meyrick – 50.0

Link to the pool: