Finland 0 Russia 1

Russia put in a better shift to put away Finland.  Four people in our pool picked the correct score – Rachel Meyrick, Keith Williams, Nick Hughes and Pete Jones. 

Wales 2 Turkey 0

Much better performance from Wales, the midfield dominated and Wales looked menacing on the break. Bale, apart from his penalty attempt, was majestic. Turkey were much better than their first game, and this was probably the best game of the tournament so far – end to end. With Italy slamming Switzerland, Wales look like their knockout berth is sorted.

In our pool, Owain Thomas, Katherine Kent and Mark Taylor capped off a great afternoon with 3 points.

Italy 3 Switzerland 0

No idea why I thought a goal shy Switzerland would put together a 2-2 draw with a team that haven’t conceded in 10 matches. Italy were very comfortable, Switzerland impotent and with a lot to do against Turkey. Gavin Edwards and Tom Finnerty both picked the correct result.

Ukraine 2 North Macedonia 1

Looked plain sailing for Ukraine who look a lot better playing away from home than they normally do, a spirited fight from North Macedonia but looks like their tournament is over with them left to face the Netherlands.

In our pool only John Hughes got top marks.

Belgium 2 Denmark 1

Was walking the dog for this one but had it on the radio – sounded a cracker with De Bruyne changing the game after he came on.

In our pool we saw Rachel Meyrick, Joe Drew, me, Jon Whitehouse, Craig McLaren, Gareth Luckwell, Keith Williams and Pete Lee get all three points.

Netherlands 2 Austria 0

Austria weren’t at the races for this one and the Netherlands have waltzed through this group. Not sure why they didn’t make more of David Alaba but Netherlands are looking good.

In our pool we saw Owain Thomas, Joe Drew, Jon Whitehouse, John Hughes, Craig McLaren and Ben Jones get all three points.

Pool Results

All change at the top – I have blown my lead with some dodgy predictions! Our top four is as follows:

  1. Rachel Meyrick – 28pts
  2. Pete Jones – 26pts
  3. Keith Williams – 26pts
  4. Gavin Edwards – 26pts

Interested to know whether Rach and Pete did some group thinking on their predictions or whether it was done independently! Great work though! Still a few more games left for the end of Round 2.

Link to the pool: