Well that was the groups stages – bit like the longest day, it comes and goes before you know it.

Czechia 0 England 1

England are playing like the Italy of yesteryear, boring their way through the tournament. Bit more to like with the new additions this time though, but Kane stands out like some old bloke wandering a park trying to get a touch of the ball. I would leave it to the young uns. Although a date with Germany awaits – penalties all the way.

In the group four of us hit the right score, Nick “On fire”  Hughes, Mark Taylor, Katherine Kent and meself.

Scotland 1 Croatia 3

Croatia got into their stride and heartbreak again for Scotland. Scotland scored their first goal of the tournament, but keep their impressive record of failing to qualify for the knockouts – they must be really miffed at Wales just rocking up and cruising through each time! At least they still have 15 other teams left in the tournament to support.

Scott Griffith picks up another spot on prediction.

Spain 5 Slovakia 0

Watched the start of this to see a missed penalty then a piece of awful goalkeeping, but in the end Slovakia got demolished. Not sure if a smaller loss would have seen them through.

No-one picked this one though.


Sweden 3 Poland 2

Sweden shook off my comments about them being boring to score 3 goals. That’s all I’ve got to say about that. 

Again no-one ventured into the five goals in a game scenario.

Portugal 2 France 2

Mbappe has been given the kiss of death with my £10 top tournament goalscorer bet. Thought I’d be quids in with a £1 free bet for very shot on target but I have only had £2 for that. Anyway, this game started competitive and ended up an amiable draw – both teams happy. 

Plenty of 2-2’s in our pool.

Germany 2 Hungary 2

Heartbreak for Hungary, taking the game to Germany and leading for most of it. But as in most tournaments (bar the last WC), Germany manage to worm their way through with a shit deflected goal. Their first one wasn’t much cop either. Had both games on and we saw England paying potentially every team at some point. 

In our pool fair play, Bob Richards and his balls of steel picked the 2-2 – wunderbar.

Pool Results

In the final reckoning of round 3, we have to joint top scorers for the yellow cap – Pete Lee and Nick Hughes. Pete is listed first on the basis of some technicality I am not aware of. Impressive stuff from Pete – flying under the radar, versus Nick who seemed to get 3 points all the time!

In the overall standings, Rachel Meyrick has been putting her maternity leave to good use by nailing the predictions – or top three are:

  1. Rachel Meyrick- 46.5 pts
  2. Nick Hughes – 46 pts
  3. Gavin Edwards – 45.5 pts

I think the points per game will start going up so with alot more tricky games still lots to play for – after all I was leading and I am now in 13th!

Link to the pool: