Sweden 1 Slovakia 0

Sweden could possibly bore you to death so a warning for future games.  In our pool the following got this spot on:

  • Keith Williams
  • Scott Griffith
  • Nick Hughes
  • Ian Carrington-Porter
  • Gareth Luckwell
  • Joe Drew
  • Tom Finnerty

Croatia 1 Czechia 1

Croatia area shadow of the team who got to the final of the World Cup, despite still having a good proportion of the same players. Second draw for them with Scotland to play. In our pool the following got this spot on:

  • John Hughes
  • Mark Taylor
  • Rachel Godfrey
  • Steve Drew
  • Jason Stokes
  • Nick Hughes


England 0 Scotland 0

Utter shit. England created nothing and deserved nothing. Scotland had their chances.

Nobody had this correct but Gemma Keane and Jason Stokes picked up points for the draw.

Hungary 1 France 1

The entente cordiale is not dead as France did their best to make England feel better about themselves. Missed this game but sounded like  great performance from Hungary. In our pool no-one got anything. 

Portugal 2 Germany 4

Germany cruised to a comfortable win over Portugal although there were two own goals. Nice to see a goal fest for a change. England take note.

Spain 1 Poland 1

Spain continued their disappointing performance with a draw with Poland as well as missing a penalty. Plenty still to do for another team who are  playing all their games at home! Andrew Walton was the only person to pick this result.

Pool Results

In round two, John Hughes took the yellow cap, and we have a big shake-up at the top – with an England like performance from myself helping this. 

In the overall our top three is now:

  1. Keith Williams – 30
  2. Gavin Edwards – 29.5
  3. Rachel Meyrick – 29.5

But still as tight as a gnats chuff.

Link to the pool: