We now get to the business end of the group stages – and it will soon be all over for some teams.

Italy 1 Wales 0

Italy exerted all the pressure in this game, but Wales had their chances. The only goal was the result of poor marking but well orchestrated. Bale and Ramsey had great chances but in the end it was a case of damage limitation after Ampadu was harshly dismissed which was successful.  Wales now head to Amsterdam and look to have a good course.

Ben Jones and Nick Hughes both picked this score.

Switzerland 3 Turkey 1

Obviously no-one watched this one – although plenty of people were probably refreshing the score! Switzerland went for it but came up short – time will tell whether they will have an early bath. Gareth Luckwell was the only one who picked this one. 

Netherlands 3 North Macedonia 0

Damn the offside rule for my prediction and bets! Netherlands had a stroll to a victory, but North Macedonia are a good attacking side, bit more balance needed. Lots of people had the 3-0 in our pool!


Ukraine 0 Austria 1

Most people plumped for Ukraine in this one based on their more positive approach in the tournament. Didn’t watch it but Austria scored from a corner and secured second spot.  They won’t last long against Italy and it will be a case of Auf Wiedersehn Osterreich. 

In our pool two people went for Austria: Rachel Godfrey and Scott Griffith. 

Finland 0 Belgium 2

Finland held on for a good proportion of the match but in the end they capitulated. Glad the first goal wasn’t the only goal that would have potentially eliminated them. 

In our pool we had eleven people predicting the 2-0 win for Belgium.

Russia 1 Denmark 4

Some cracking goals in this match – and Denmark recorded their first win and grabbed second place where they will face Wales. Not sure they are going to replicate their 1992 Euro performance, but did look lively.

Nobody picked this result, but Tom Finnerty was the only person to get a close result with a 3-1.


Pool Results

In round three we have five people on ten points fighting out for the yellow cap. In terms of the overall standings it is all change again:

  1. Gavin Edwards – 39.5
  2. Rachel Meyrick – 39.5
  3. Nick Hughes – 38.5

Link to the pool: