Well what a weekend of football – one that will live long in the memories of Wales fans certainly, but unforgettable for everyone. To the games…

Poland v Portugal


A shocking game – from two shocking teams. Portugal get through the semi-finals still without winning a game in 90 minutes (the first time this has happened). They might change that on Wednesday – by losing in 90 minutes. Can’t see Portugal having enough to stop Wales.


Wales v Belgium


After ten minutes you were thinking that it was all over for Wales. Belgium started so well, lots of chances and a brilliant goal. But as soon as that went in, the reaction from Wales was immense. They started to control the game, passing the ball around and looking better than I think I have ever seen them play. From that moment, they never looked back. A great header from Ashley Williams, the goal of the tournament for me so far from Robson-Kanu – and when Belgium were pressing hard, a majestic header from Vokes. I have never thought Belgium are worthy of being ranked second in the world as they have never won anything – but they are certainly a team stacked with talent. Their last game against Hungary was ominous, but the belief Wales have in themselves shows how far they have come. Can’t see anything to stop them getting to the final.


Germany v Italy


A dull first half livened up after Ozil’s goal. Italy then pushed and levelled with a penalty from Bonucci. Amazingly that was the first penalty he had taken in professional footballer – but then again he is  a major nutcase (see this article for evidence: link). Italy seemed happier for penalties which is odd given Germany’s record but penalties it was. The penalties were probably the funniest I have ever seen – at least four comical penalties which may see once in a while in a shootout – but this was awesome. In the end, really feel for Buffon – brilliant keeper who was close to saving most of the penalties. But the inevitable happened and onward Germany march.


France v Iceland


Iceland’s journey came to an end in Paris after France hit five past them. Before half time they were 4-0 and the game was gone. France go on to face Germany and Iceland will return home heroes.


Results and Leaderboard

The knockout format makes predicting the result at the end of 90 or 120 minutes very tricky. But each game was full of surprises. However, not much has changed at the top. Pete still leading with me in second – Mark Taylor moves into third. Performance of the round goes to Jason Stokes – scoring 7.3 and moving up 7 places.