Russia v Slovakia

Didn’t watch the game but another spot on prediction from the man who is on fire! This result puts the England performance in perspective – Russia are a bag of shit and on this basis Wales will beat England and win the group with 9 points out of 9 – surely?


Romania v Switzerland

Yet again, the master picks the 1-1, however amongst a whole host of others this time. Probably a fair result – both teams with a positive attitude, but not enough class up front.


France v Albania

Well, it all came very late in the day for France – so much wasted in front of goal. France are going out with a positive attitude, but I don’t think they know how they want to play. Pogba needs to stop wearing flip flops and stay on his feet. Payet world class yet again with a brilliant goal at the end. But fair play to Albania, they had their chances and have been unlucky in the tournament so far.


Results and Leaderboard

Round two has been barren for most people and is sorting the wheat from the chaff – getting the result is hard enough let alone the right score. So in this round a sterling performance from myself has seen a surge into third place. Our new leader is Russ Pearce and our early leader Pete Reynolds is still in second. This afternoon will again have a wide range of outcomes – can’t wait!!